Lovech marks 145 years since the death of Vasil Levski

The celebration of the 145th anniversary of the fall of the symbol of Bulgarian freedom Vasil Levski will be marked by a series of events in Lovech, which are part of the cultural calendar of the municipality for 2018. On February 19th, in the village of Kakrina in which the Revolutionary the Ottoman authorities will be served a panahy for the Apostle. Wreaths and flowers will also be presented at the monument of Levski and in the Kakrensko hanche. There is also a historic reconstruction of the capture of the revolutionary.

levski lovech kakrina

Besides, anyone who has the desire will be able to see the movie Kakrinska Golgotha” ​​and hear a lecture with the same title. There is also a screening of “Levski: European in Bulgarian”. As well as an exhibition of drawings – “The Levites of Levski”. The dates will also be marked by the schools in Lovech and Malinovo, which bear the name of the Apostle. Anyone who wants to visit can also visit the Levski Museum in Lovech, which keeps the revolutionary’s weapon and objects related to his work. Or to enter the church in which the deacon served before leaving for Bulgaria.

levski lovech kakrina

The Cultural Calendar of Lovech also provides a rich celebration of the 140th anniversary of the Ottoman Liberation. On March 3rd, a panahy and a prayer for the fallen in the fight for our freedom will be served and flowers will be served to the monuments of the heroes. There is also a ceremonial military ritual of the White Monument in Strates Park and a festive concert. On March 3rd you will also be able to hear children who recite verses dedicated to freedom. Others will participate in student essay competitions, a presentation, a clip or a drawing dedicated to the holiday.

levski lovech kakrina
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