Starchovden in Karlovo

On February 17th  and 18th, mummers will drive out the evil spirits from Karlovo. Traditionally the marching feast in the town of Starchovden is held the day before Sirni Zagovezni. In most settlements in Karlovo municipality, mummers are traditionally called old men (starci), from where comes the name of custom.


This year, the Mummers Games will begin at  10 a.m. On the 20th July Square in the town. There will be included groups from Karlovo, Banya, Kalofer, and the villages of Kliment, Vassil Levski, Domlyan, Gorni Domlyan, Sokolitsa, Dabene, Voyniagovo, Karavelovo, Stoletovo and Hristo Danovo. The mummer’s team from the village of Tarnicheni, Pavel Banya municipality will also attend the festival.

The residents and the guests of Karlovo will be able to enjoy the performances of their compositions, their terrible masks and noisy bells from 12 o’clock. During the festival, you will also be able to taste culinary specialties from Karlovo and the region at a special bazaar-exhibition. For those who miss the festival, they can follow the tradition of Starchovden and the village of Hristo Danovo on March 5th.

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