A 25-century-old winery was discovered

A 25-century-old winery was discovered in Nessebar

During excavations near Nessebar archaeologists unearthed 30 ancient amphorae. The findings date back to the V century BC, the period when ancient Mesembria was a Greek colony. The cellar, which archaeologists also call “a winery”, is actually the oldest cellar for wine, stored in ancient amphorae, not only in Nessebar, but throughout the ancient world. The amphorae are very well preserved and have held wine from the greatest winemakers in the Antiquity: from Thasos, Chios and Lesbos.

The owner of the winery was a rich merchant who provided wine for the tables of the wealthy people in the town of Mesembria. The find dates back to the first decades after the foundation of the Greek colony and is an evidence for an economically stable town, inhabited by affluent people who were able to trade and produce various goods. After restoration the amphorae will be exhibited in the museum in the old town of Nessebar.

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