55 lev per day for skiing in Borovets

55 lev /approximately 27 euro/ per day will cost the ski passes in the Bulgarian resort Borovets this winter. 38 lev /approximately 19 euro/ will be the price for a half-day card, if you use it from 8 a.m to 12. 30 p.m. and 32 lev /approximately 16 euro/ from 12 p.m to 16.30 p.m. A one-day card at the resort for children from 7 up to 13 years will cost 30 lev /approximately 15 euro/. Youngsters from 14 up to 22 years and people above the age of 65 will pay 40 lev /approximately 20 euro/ for a full day.

skiing Borovets

Kids up to 7 years this winter will again use the lifts for free. Families do enjoy 20% discount on the prices of the standard cards. The weekly ski pass will cost 325 lev /approximately 162 euro/, children will pay for it 180 lev /approximately 90 euro/ and youngsters and people over 65 years – 234 lev /approximately 117 euro/. There is also an opportunity to buy a card use 6 consecutive days at prices – 310 lev /approximately 155 euro/for adults, 170 lev /approximately 85 euro/ for children. and 217 lev /approximately 107 euro/ for youngsters and 65+.

skiing Borovets

Seasonal card for all the lifts worth 1,000 lev /approximately 500 euro/ for adults and 700 lev /approximately 350 euro/ for children. It will be valid until April 15, 2017. Borovets offers also an annual card for all facilities at a price of 1120 lev /approximately 560 euro/ for adults and 720 lev /approximately 360 euro/for children. It is valid until October 17, 2017. If you want to enjoy the slopes at night, it will cost 22 lev /approximately 11 euro/ per day. The official opening of the season in Borovets will be on 17 December but the lifts will run as well from 8th to December 11th.

skiing Borovets

In the opening day runs at night will be free, and in the day, guests at the resort will be able to ski or snowboard for a price of 5 lev /approximately 2,5 euro/. Anyone who buys card on the opening day will participate in a lottery for winning one of the 120 seasonal lift passes for Borovets. For the good mood of celebration will take care Polly Genova and Misho Yosifov with his Brass Association. The party is in front of hotel “Rila”.

skiing Borovets
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