6,000 euros from the state for each charter with tourists

EUR 6,000 to be given for each tour operator operating charter flights to Bulgaria proposed deputies. According to them, this represents about 30-35 percent of the cost of the flight from destinations that are up to 3 hours away by air and with between 150 and 200 passengers. According to MPs, the measure should be effective for up to two years after the state of emergency is lifted.

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They have estimated that up to BGN 100 million will be needed to support the tourism sector in this way, but they will return eight times to the budget. VMRO recalls that about 13,000 such flights were made last year, and about 9,000 were declared for July and August this year. Among the markets that would be incentivized to charter flights with tourists if the proposal is accepted are UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia.

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According to the calculations, nearly 2 million foreign tourists can arrive in Bulgaria with charter flghts, creating jobs and partially compensating the losses for the Bulgarian tour operators due to the crisis. According to lawmakers, this measure will complement the promotion of inland tourism by giving away free holiday vouchers to Bulgarians.

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