Cure yourself at Ak Yazyala Baba’s grave in Obrochishte

The grave of the mystical Alevi spiritual leader Ak Yazala Baba in Obrochishte village is now doing miracles, and hundreds of people are convinced so and go to the sacred place for their pains. Muslims worship the saint who lived for real, while for Christians this is where St. Athanasius is doing miracles. Muslims go to the saint’s turban on Monday, Thursday, and Friday to give a vow. Christians whenever they need it. They claim that before being a tekke the place was a Christian monastery.


For the glory of the place, built in the 16th century, throughout the Ottoman Empire, speak the words of the famous traveler Evlia Chelebi. With the exception of the aliens and the Hussain imam in Baghdad, there is no other such place anywhere in Turkey or the Persian lands, the traveler wrote in the 17th century. His words of praise are probably helped by the fact that he himself was sick, but healed miraculously after lying down to the saint’s tomb one night.


According to legends, Ak Jazala Baba was a giant with a monstrous power and built the place for a day, was healing and doing miracles. The very turban of the saint is also very interesting and painted inside with frescoes in eastern style. The grave of the saint is covered with a green cloth, and where his personal belongings were once today stay the gifts of the grateful and healed pilgrims. Obrochishte village is only a few kilometers away from the resort of Albena, so it can easily be visited.

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