Albena offers to its guests with a new plum brandy

Own plum brandy was produced by Albena AD. The drink will be available in the hotels and restaurants of the holiday village. The first 15,000 bottles of the drink, which is bottled under the name “Golden Plum”, have already been produced. The fruits invested in making the brandy were raised on 140 decares in the village of Prespa, Balchik Municipality. They are of four different varieties.

Albena plum brandy

The fruits are biologically certified, which once again confirms their high quality. 61 tons were used for the production of brandy. The brandy itself is produced in Isperih. The city is famous for its traditions in the production of fruit distillates. The guests of the complex will have the opportunity to enjoy the “Golden Plum” brandy both in All inclusive hotels and in the a la carte restaurants “Ciel Bleu”, “Beerhouse”, “Old Oak” and the new “Mamma mia”. It will also be distributed in the store network.

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