The Amphitheater of Plovdiv is older by 30 years

The Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv was built in the I century AD and not in II, as previously thought historians. And is at least 30 years older. This became clear after archaeological research in the underground gallery of the theater where was found an inscription in Greek language from the 90s AD.

Amphitheater Plovdiv older

The carved on the stone letters are from a monument of the first mayor of Philipopol Titus Fame Cotis. The text says that he has contributed to the development of the city and building great buildings. Titus Fame ruled Philipopol during the reign of The Roman Emperor Dominitsian. Titus Fane was the heir of the Thracian Kings and the first person in the entire Roman province of Thrace. The inscription indicates that Plovdiv was the “ mother city “ or the main city in the province. The carved stone will be removed and properly exposed.

Amphitheater Plovdiv older

Until now it was assumed that the theater was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Trajan. The theater had about 7 000 seats. It held gladiator fights and regional meetings. In the spring the floor of the stage in the amphitheater will be replaced. The Ancient Theater is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city under the hills.

Amphitheater Plovdiv older
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