Amsterdam also with restrictions against Aіrbnb

Authorities in the Netherlands are considering restrictions on short-term housing in Amsterdam via the Aіrbnb platform. At present, sanctions are likely to affect only the central part of the city and the most visited places. In addition, a city known for light-weight legalization and the red lantern district will also prohibit the parking of coaches in the centre, as well as the acquisition of cruise ships.


The authorities also envisage an increase in tourist tax in the city by 7 per cent. The reasons are the same as for the local communities in Valencia, Palma de Mallorca and Madrid – the great influx of tourists, which has led to an upheaval for the local growth of residential property rents.


From the beginning of 2019, the owners in non-central areas will be able to rent through Airbnb their homes for maximum 30 days. Changes also include restricting the use of alcohol in boats along the canals of the Dutch city.

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