Roman War Camp and Gladiator Fights at the Ancient Abritus Festival

If you want to go back in the past and witness gladiatorial battles, visit a Roman military camp and taste food and wine from ancient times do not miss the Ancient Abrithus festival. It will be held on 23 and 24 June in Razgrad. From 05:30 p.m. on the first day you will be able to see an exhibition of the latest newly discovered artifacts in the archaeological reserve.

abritus festival

The official opening of the festival is at 9 p.m. The audience will be able to enjoy the spectacle with an ancient storyline “Troyanki” at the theater at the New Bulgarian University. The program follows the performance of the dance ensemble “Elika” from Plovdiv and the author’s “Volt show” with space costumes and laser effects by Stefan Roglev. The culmination of the evening will be a laser-light and a music show.

abritus festival

From 10 a.m. on June 24, the children can learn about the history of discovering the largest golden treasure in the country in Abritus. The smallest will also learn to cut coins and arrange mosaics. From 03:30 p.m. on the territory of the Roman camp will be held a gala of the participants in the festival. At 4 p.m. racing in antique sports, disciplines begin. Winners will receive wreaths from Abritus’ patron saint.

abritus festival

From 06:30 p.m. you can witness gladiatorial battles. In addition, participants will demonstrate fighting techniques and rituals from antiquity, traditional clothing, and lifestyle of the Romans, typical cuisine, and wine. Everyone will be able to make a picture in a suit from the age of the right decor. At the Lapidarium in the Regional History Museum of Razgrad will be opened workshops for authentic crafts from antiquity.

abritus festival

At 9 p.m. the final concert featuring the Pulse Dance Band – Razgrad and the youth ensemble in the city will present the ancient feasts in honor of the Roman god of time, gold and fertility Saturn. And while you are part of the festival, we advise you to explore the rich collection of the museum.

abritus festival

In the local historian museum in addition to a rich numismatic collection, you can see a statue of the world-famous Thracian Tomb in Sveshtari. The figure of goddess Nike is from the 3rd century BC. The museum has also exhibited a Pegasus made of pure gold from 4th century BC, found near the village of Vazovo. It has no analog in world archaeology. The horse’s weight is 475.5 grams. Only half of Pegasus is exposed in the museum because the other half was cut by a tractor in finding the find, which offered the bottom of the invaluable ash finder of the company. It subsequently disappeared.


In the park area of ​​Abritus, you can see 70 epigraphic monuments with inscriptions in Greek and Latin. Among the tombstones, there are also Christian, Muslim and Armenian. The area of ​​the archaeological reserve is 3200 square meters. You can see the remains of the courtyard and the residence of a senior state magistrate. Roman-Ionian pillars rise in the yard, and vacant pedestals are a favorite spot for a photo of tourists.

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