Another unique find added to the Thracian cultural heritage

Another unique find added to the Thracian cultural heritage

Another unique find, unearthed in the area of Sveshtari village, was added to the cultural heritage of the Thracians. The team of archeologists, led by Prof. Gergova, found a Thracian chariot with two horses harnessed to it. In 2012 at the same place was found a gold treasure. According to the archeologists, the two-wheeled chariot dates back to IV c. and the beginning of III c. BC. and is associated with the Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari and most probably with the rich burial of the ruler of the Getae – Kotela.

This is the third chariot found on the territory of Bulgaria and the first two-wheeled chariot  being unearthed on the territory of the Thracian tribe Getae. This new find is another evidence for the rich  heritage and culture of the Thracians and also confirms the authenticity of the representations on the frescoes in Kazanlak Tomb. As the archeologists and the local authorities desired, the find will be exhibited at the site of its discovery, so that it can be visited freely by tourists.

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