Only local producers of the Apriltsi bacon feast

Only local producers will be able to offer rakiya, grill and bacon at Apriltsi brandy and lard festival. They will also receive a special sign to guarantee the origin of their goods. This year’s holiday will be held on February 10, at the city’s main square. The organizers have provided a delicious surprise for the event guests. Everyone will be able to experience the “Grandmother‘s Dish”.

Apriltsi bacon feast

The typical dish for the region will be prepared in a huge from 30 kilograms of lard, 500 eggs and 30 kilograms of leeks. As every year is planned a rich folklore program, and in the people’s fun will be able to include anyone who knows the footsteps of Bulgarian people or loves to listen to folk music.

Apriltsi bacon feast

Local producers will be able to compete in four different competitions. The master of the finest bacon will receive a live pig for a reward. There are also prizes for the most original dish with bacon, the most appetizing meal of lard and the most aromatic, perfect grade and delicious homemade brandy.

Apriltsi bacon feast
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