In Apriltsi chase the winter away with horse races on Todorovden

Horse racing, with which to chase the winter, organizing in Apriltsi. The beginning of the rails is at 10 a.m.in the Marinska area in the city’s Vidima neighborhood. According to the legend of this day, St. Todor put on nine cloaks on top of each other and went to God to ask him for summer. The tradition, however, dates back to the Proto-Bulgarians, researchers say, as it was one of the spring holidays related to horse health.

todorovden horse races

With the adoption of Christianity, it was transformed and celebrated on the last Saturday before the beginning of the Lent. At dawn, men tangle the tails of horses, decorate them with flowers, beads, and colored tassels and take them to the water. At that time, women are making ritual bread. Horse competitions were then organized, and the winner received a shirt or cloth.

todorovden horse races

However, at the Apriltsi holidays, the most rewarding reigns will receive money. Each of the competitors will receive 50 leva /approximately 25 Euro/. The first three places in the different disciplines will take 150 leva each /approximately 75 Euro/, the second 100 leva /approximately 50 Euro/ and the third 70 leva /approximately 35 Euro/.


Other honors are also provided. The youngest at the Todorovden races will win 100 leva /approximately 50 Euro/.  from the organizers of the holiday. For the oldest and the most skillful lady with the reins, 50 leva /approximately 25 Euro/ are provided. The culinary guru and showman Uti Bachvarov will host the event.

uti buchvarov
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