Aquamania Waterpark opens in Albena Resort

Aquamania Waterpark opens its doors in Albena Resort

Aquamania waterpark opens its doors in August 2014 after completing the first phase of construction. A true water magic will spread out on a territory of nearly 30,000 square meters within the resort of Albena Resort in Bulgaria. This futuristic waterpark spans an area of around 5 football pitches, with one-of-a-kind water attractions for adults and kids.

The second phase of the project, planned for 2015 will include another two water attractions: the 191-meter long Tantrum – and the 76-meter long Free Fall, as well as an activity pool with an amphitheatrical animation scene.

Very soon, Aquamania waterpark visitors will be able to try the 4-lane 314-metre long ProRACER /each lane of 78.5 m lenght/, the most popular headfirst mat racing ride in the world. The 20 meter high lifting tower will lead the riders to another adrenaline slide: the 183-meter long megatube rafting slide called the MAMMOTH, with thrills the family can enjoy together.

Rivers sway around the shady trees (Lazy river), streams dash in rocky canyons (Wild River), fascinating fountains explode in color and forms while the interior is carved in millennium rocks. Jets of water can be shot at targets, drop water bombs and special effects are triggered all around the park.

Children will enjoy a paradise of colorful playgrounds, water attractions of pint-sized versions of iconic thrill rides as the KIDZ Tornado, KIDZ Racer, KIDZ Twister, KIDZ Mini River, fascinating water effects and figures as the Turtle Space Deck /the Turtle Fountain/ and the Balboa Lagoon /Playground/ and many more. The kids will also discover a mysterious transport device, a stargate, that can “teleportate” them into a world of joy and imagination.

Right next to the KIDZ Zone is the Galaxy Pilot’s Bar /the Pool Bar/ with stories of extraterrestrial civilizations and lost alphabets on its walls. The spacious and airy Star Tunnel /the 2-storey Snack Bar/ is a cross point for those who decided to relax with a fresh drink and a light snack on the shady Bar-Terrace. The Milky Way House is an Ice Cream Saloon that will welcome its guests with cool temptations from the very entrance of the waterpark near the shop area. Visitors follow the story of a lost space ship lost in a paradise of water exuberance as they make their way around the attractions.

Free unlimited entry will be granted to Aquamania waterpark for the guests of PrimaSol Ralitsa Superior and PrimaSol Ralitsa Superior Aquaclub and Vita Park Hotels. Opening hours: Daily, from 10:00 am until 6:30 pm (summer months)

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