Tsvetana Maneva is a patron of a new art festival in Burgas

The newest Port-Art Fest of Contemporary Art will be held in Burgas from 9th to 14th October. The event is under the patronage of the Bulgarian actress Tsvetana Maneva. The creative director of the festival is the artist Stefan Bozhkov. The beginning will be given from 6 p.m. on October 9 with the movie “Pieces of Life” by Georgi Toshev, dedicated to Maneva. The entrance is free.

art fest burgas

If you want to become a part of “Cinema and Wine” and to enjoy grape drinks along with the Francis Ford Coppola trilogy „ The Godfather“, you’ll have to pay for an entrance. The beginning is at 10 p.m. From 5 p.m. on October 10th, you will be able to visit an exhibition of gladiatorial slings in Magassia 1 at the Marine Station. The exhibits are made by Vasko Ernst Bardarov, Lilia Koleva – Bardarova and Emilian Bonev, who are among the creators of movie masterpieces such as “300:  Rise of an Empire”, “Conan the Barbarian” and “The Legend of Hercules”.

art fest burgas

The entrance is free as well as the screening of “Christo in Japan” again by Georgi Toshen from 6 p.m. at the Marine Casino Cultural Center. The program continues on 11th of October with the presentation of the poets Vasil Balev, Beloslava Dimitrova and young talents at the Exposition Center Flora. The entrance to the event is again free of charge. For 20 leva /approximately 10 euro/ you will be able to visit the “Name, your name” radio play. The performance of Tsvetana Maneva starts at 8 p.m.

art fest burgas

From 12 o’clock on October 12th at the Flora Exposition Center will be held a presentation of the poets Ivo Rafailov and Yordanka Beleva. An exhibition of graphics and the comic book “The Short History of Communication” by Boris Pramatarov will also be presented. To enjoy the theater play “Everything or nothing” by director Liza Shopov from 7 p.m. on October 13th you have to buy tickets. In the play take part Hristo Shopov, Lilia Maravilia, and Irini Gamboas.

art fest burgas

On the last day of the festival you can attend the exhibition of Kamen Starchev, Georgi Milenov, Natalia Abeeva, Atanas Gadzhev, Monika Popova, Dolores Dilova, Valeriy Tchakalov and Valeriy Tchakalov, the presentation of the book “Close Encounters with Mixed Feelings” by Maria Kasimova – Moise Stefan Bozhkov, as well as the screening Video Art.

art fest burgas
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