Attraction Park “Aquapolis” – Golden Sands

Attraction Park “Aquapolis” – the most beautiful water park in Eastern Europe, is the first one in Bulgaria, established in a unique Mauritian Mediterranean style. It is located in the northwestern section of “Golden Sands” tourist resort, on the main road from “Riviera” tourist resort to “Albena” tourist resort. The water park is situated in the forest, sporting a unique sea-view and the whole tourist resort. Established on an area of 40 000 square meters, he combines a natural park environment with a series of artificially created elements – pools, water slides, Jacuzzi, fountains and waterfalls, ancient towers and ruins. Up to 3000 visitors could reside simultaneously in “Aquapolis”. The Spanish company “Action Park Multiforma Grupo” – city of Valencia, is the author of the draft project and the design, as well as executive and supplier of principal equipment. A climbing rock with seven optional routes had been positioned at the park entrance, with instructors of the extreme sports club “Adrenaline” available /each day between 16 and 20 local time/, as per the project of the world champion of rock climbing Pedro Pons, from Spain. An amphitheater, waterfall and artificial lake and a panoramic snack-bar “Alcazar” had been developed in the approximate vicinity of the rock. A parking lot with a parking, accommodating 100 cars and 10 buses, equipped with a special section for direct transport of disabled people to the “Aquapolis” entrance.

Have fun at:

  • An open slide with a width of two meters, imitating a river torrent, called the Wild River, down the curvy and knobby path of which visitors descend with the help of rings.
  • A straight slide with a width of two meters, called Niagara, down the knobby path of which visitors descend with a maximum speed of 50 km/h with the help of rings.
  • Two completely closed dark pipes – the Black hole, down to which visitors descend, passing through unexpected curves, glimmering at some spots with pulsating lights.
  • The quadruple-track slide – Slalom is a major entertainment for a group of friends that had been challenged to compete.
  • The most exciting experience in Aquapolis is the high-speed slide type “Kamikaze”. It is for people who enjoy extreme sensations. The launch occurs from a platform with a height of 18 meters and a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

As per the opinion of the Spanish specialists and of the foreign tourist operators, AQUAPOLIS – GOLDEN SANDS is the most beautiful entertainment park in Europe, due to the unique combination of nature and water attractions. The Spanish company “Action Park” is a world leader in the construction of similar facilities with over 90 water parks all over the world. The investment exceeds 10 million BGN.

“Aquapolis” combines the succession of civilizations, inhabiting the Mediterranean basin and committing their influence over the cultural tradition of the European nations. The name “Aquapolis” is a syncretistic unity of the ancient Greek word “polis” and the Latin word for water – “Aqua”.

“Aquapolis” had been divided into several zones:

  • For adults”
  • “For children”
  • “Extreme zone”

The adult section accommodates the so-called Slow River, 300 meters long, passing by a water temple with a waterfall, water streams, rock fragments and temple ruins. This zone also accommodates a large pool for adults – a recreation spot, where the visitor can enjoy the magnificent park view. A bridge and a waterfall connect the pool to the balneology zone, in which several Jacuzzi and hydro-massage are located.A fast-food establishment – restaurant “Ambrosia”, restaurant a la cart “Arcadia”, pool-bar “Neptune”, panoramic snack-bar “Alcazar”. At the children shelter the attraction for kids is the pool with a large dragon, whose mouth sports a slide. The pool also accommodates a turtle and two small dinosaurs and several slides of varied length.

The park clients receive a magnetic watch at the entrance that grants them a single-serving entry and exit from the park. This magnetic watch also services an individual safety deposit box, for preservation of personal belongings. The rules for the park use are located near the entrance; the officers from the “Information” department are located near the cash registry desks.

Over 150 people are employed by the Aquapolis. 32 of them are specially trained lifeguards, taking care of the safe use of water attractions and if necessary providing first aid. The water park has its own medical center and an ambulance. Next to each and every water facility an indication sign, describing the regulations of use – with bathing suit, without shirts or jewelry, with or without rings, etc.

The training of the lifeguards has duration of approximately one month and they are also responsible for the technical condition of the facilities. They are responsible for checking the cohesion and the supporting constructions of the attraction facilities before operation, subsequently run the water and test the facility personally and then sign to certify their flawless operation.

The special offer for hotel “Metropol” for the upcoming season Summer 2011 is a fact already. For stimulating sales we offer for reservations with accommodation up to 30.06.11 one free visit of aquapark “Aquapolis”. Prmotion is for every guest – both for adults and children.

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