Autumn walk to the Siniya vir waterfall

Autumn in the Rhodope mountain will definitely enchant you. If you decide to walk to the waterfall Siniya Vir / The Blue Pool/ near the architectural old village of  Kovachevica you are guaranteed to raise your adrenaline and enjoy an amazing panoramas. The enthusiasts can go walking directly from the village. The first about 2.5 km they will walk on an asphalt road, though generously decorated roadside trees in various shades of autumn.

On the left side of the road will guide you a sign. On it its written the name of the mini waterfall on Kanina river – Siniya Vir. At the beginning the trail starts pretty mellow, but then becomes steeper and finally almost vertical. So it is better to wear a comfortable pair of  shoes and clothing. Especially in autumn the carpet of pine needles and leaves and the mud on  bottom of it  make the movements adventurous.

The trail to the waterfall and the fantastic rocks around it is about 2 km, but because of the terrain the movement in any direction takes about an hour. We recommend you to take the stroll during the fall so that you can enjoy the golden colors of the trees around.

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