Bachelors marry each other to find a bride in Kozarevets

A strange ritual is in the village of Kozarevets in Lozen. And this year on 2 February, two men will marry a joke, and the celebration will be for the whole village. The custom dates back to the beginning of the last century and ridicules old bachelors. It is believed that the two newlyweds participating in the fun will find brides over the coming year.


Practice shows that so far it has happened to everyone involved in the fun. According to the ritual, first, the bridegroom is shaved by his friends in the village square. Then the whole party goes around the village with music and a cart to collect gifts for the young family.


The cohorts of the newlyweds are about 30 people, with all roles in it being entrusted to men. The women’s garments are carnival dressed and gentlemen masquerading as mother-in-law, mother-in-law, godparents, and bridesmaids are also men. The bridegroom buys his wife with money, and the ensemble must also include an interesting character – tullum. He goes with a sack full of wood ash and smokes happily all the bachelors who have forgotten to find a girl.

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