Bagpipers are outplaying each other in Gela

From 5th of August to 7th of August in the Rhodope village of Gela will be held the famous Bagpipe Outplaying Contest. The traditional fair attracts thousands of tourists from Bulgaria and the world who want to enjoy the Bulgarian folk music and the  beautiful views of the Rhodopes mountain.


During the festival everyone can receive free lessons in playing a bagpipe. From the morning until there is even one willing to compete sounds the music of bagpipes. The participants express their souls in 3 different categories depending on the age – under 12 years,  from 13 to 18 years and over 18 years of age.


The first two groups have 5 minutes to show their skill, and the group with the elder participants have 7 minutes. The participants can express their desire to outplay at least one hour before the race.


The guests that go to Gela can enjoy not only the sounds of the Bulgarian folk music but also can admire the incredible panoramas and the delicious local food .

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