100 bagpipes sound on The National Folk Festival of Rozhen

The sound of the hundred bagpipes playing together is the symbol of The National Folk Festival of Rozhen. The participants in the fest will enjoy the performance of the so called orchestra Sto Kaba Gaydi. The bagpipers, who participate in the orchestra, are from various villages in the Rhodope mountain. They gather on the eve of the festival and make a single joint rehearsal.

The festival will be held from 15th of July until 17th of July. The National Folk Festival of Rozhen originally dates back from 1898. But after a few breaks is reborn in 2015. The public will hear the so called „cosmic song“ Izlel e Delyo Haydutin performed by the famous Bulgarian folklore singer Valya Balkanska. The song originates from Rozhen and travels in space as a greeting to another developed civilization from the Earth on the board of the space station Voyager, along with the music of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.

Folk singers and instrumentalists from all over the country will gather to sing and play on the scenes of the biggest festival of folk songs in Bulgaria. The visitors will be entertained by the singer Volodya Stoyanov and 400 more orchestra and folklore groups. Every day in 01:00 p.m. the participants in the fest and the visitor gather for the Bulgarian traditional dance horo.


During the festival there also will be demonstrations of traditional crafts, ethnographic and museum exhibitions, exhibitions of organic food and drinks, folk games and wrestling matches, culinary shows and Cheverme cooking. You can be inspired from the fire walking of the Bulgarian „nestinari“. Or to watch how are made sculptures from wood only with a chainsaw.

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