Balkan festival Bohemian in Bansko

Feel welcome to attend the balkan festival called ‘Bohemian’ in Bansko. The festival will last 2 days from 26th to 27th of June 2015.

The festival will be situated on the central square of Bansko. There will be a lot of singing and dancing and a lot of other entertainment from the members of the true balkan bohemian, who gathered together to make one unforgettable show for you.

The most remarkable among them are: the clarnetist Ivo Papazov, Caroline Gocheva from Macedonia, Djalko Ioksimovich and the band ‘Barka Bras Band’ from Serbia and the multi-instrumental band called ‘Bulgara’ from Bulgaria.

The program of the festival is as follows:

26 June, Friday

18:30-19:00 folklore ensemble from Bansko 19:00-20:00 ‘Banski starcheta’ 20:30-21:30 Ivo Papazov 22:00-23:00 Caroline Gocheva

27 June, Saturday

13:00-13:30 Folklore ensemble from Bansko 13:30-14:50- Balkan scientists soundsystem ft. Sando Sandov (trumpet) 15:00-16:30 ‘Barka Bras Band’ 17;00-18:00-‘Baildsa’ 18:30-19:30-‘Bulgara’ 20:00-21:30-Gadjo Dilo 22:00-23:00-Djelko Ioksimovich

26-27 June, central square of Bansko, you can attend the event free of charge!

Also ‘Kitt LTD’ offers you accommodation in the hotels of Bansko during the summer season.


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