The Balkans compete with a common tourist product

A common tourist product will offer the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. This was agreed by representatives of the executive and the business from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina at a international forum in Ohrid, organized by the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations (BAHA). Only with a common tourist product we can get together in distant markets like Japan, China and the United States, were categorical by the administration and the industry.

Ohrid Balkan touristic product

The alliance includes representatives of countries that have often been separated from battles, politics, and border disputes over the centuries. That’s why one of BAHA’s main motto is to make a cultural tourism from history, not war. The second rule in the alliance is that you can speak for the neighbor either good or nothing. We are strong when we are together, they believe in the Alliance.

Ohrid Balkan touristic product

United Balkans in United Europe, say also the representatives of the BAHA. The representatives of the business and the administration from the Balkan countries together discussed the right way to impose a national and a regional brand. Participants also visited during the event different attractins around Lake Ohrid, the monastery of St. Naum, as well as the Albanian cities of Korca and Podgradets. Excellent business representatives were also awarded as the biggest prizes received hoteliers from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Ohrid Balkan touristic product
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