Bardarski gerdan village sprang into the rhythm of the carnival

You can enjoy a carnival according to the traditions of the Banat Bulgarians, who live in the village of Bardarski gerdan on February 17th. The Farshangi Festival will begin at 10 am with the opening of the festival and a festive procession. An hour later, a humorous concert will take place in “Saedinenie 1923” Community Center.

Bardarski geran

The organized culinary contest of the square will be held in front of the shopping stands accompanying the fun. He will be in three sections. The masters will be honored to prepare a typical banana “balaclava”, a competition for the best homemade wine and the most delicious traditional Banat dish.

Bardarski geran

Festival guests will also be able to taste the traditional dishes from the local cuisine. According to the tradition of the carnival, which preceded Christian fasting, everyone dressed in their opposite – men as women and vice versa, and beggars like kings.

Bardarski geran
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