The first barrel festival begins in Vrachesh

The first festival of the barrel will take place on October 14th in Vrachesh, Botevgrad municipality. The place for the event is not chosen by chance because the village is famous in Bulgaria and around the world, namely by making barrels. Over 70 families live in the region. Everyone who visits the festival will have the chance to get acquainted with the whole process of making a barrel – from shaping the raw wood to assembling the final product, which then raises wines and brandies.

barrel fetival

Naturally, such a fest is not possible without wine and rakia tasting, because the winery will take part in the feast and wine cellars, whose production is matured in the well-known fuzzy barrels. In addition, the program also includes the organization of pop-ups and concerts with Bulgarian folk dances and compositions from all over the country.

barrel fetival

Amongst the attractions of the festival will be racing, lifting and collecting barrels. Lovers of delicious food will also be able to enjoy and taste delicious traditional culinary specialties from the region. There are also gigs of a brass orchestra and cheerleaders, as well as concerts of popular groups and performers. The party will also include the amateur staff of Vrnjacka Banya, Serbia.

barrel fetival
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