Beer Festival with a lot of music starts in Plovdiv

If you want to taste dozens of beers from all over the world and enjoy an incredible party, visit Plovdiv between 6 and 10 September. Then Plovdiv Beer Fest will be held in the future European city of culture. The place of the party is Mladezhkiyat halm /the Youth Hill/.

beer festival plovdiv

In addition to the beer, you will be able to try over 250 types of sparkling wine from around the world. Naturally, a party can not be such without the right music. On September 6, the musical program will open Zamunda Banana Bend. For the 7th is planned a Tower of Power tribute. Nirvana fans will see their favorite band reborn in a tribute dedicated to its hits. For the audience will perform Nikola Djokov, Victor Stambolov, Angel Dyulgerov and Stoyko Milev.

beer festival plovdiv

No less respect will be given on September 8 to the songs of another cult world group – Pink Floyd. In order to make the most of the band’s hits will perform  Dimitar Gyurov, Nikoleta Ruseva, Plamen Penchev, Hristo Ivanov, Hristo Lafchiev and Srebrin Baldzhiev.

beer festival plovdiv

The last musical evening at the festival will be dedicated to Jimmy Hendrix. The hits of the musician will be performed by Rumen Kurtev, Hristo Manchev, and Chris Zhelev. The opening hours of the festival will be from 11 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. The entrance to the festival is free but you must pay for the drinks you consume.

beer festival plovdiv
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