Beglik Tash Gallery

The Megalithic sanctuary Beglik Tash still keeps its secret. It is unknown which civilization decided to build it and used the place for their rituals and ceremonies. The most common and accepted theory is that it was sacred for the Thracians. According to surveys, however the sacred complex was built in the 16th century BC. To get to the stone complex you must travel 5 km away from the Bulgarian sea town of Primorsko .

The stone sanctuary impresses with its dolmens and menhirs. The huge stones seems to refute the gravity and remain in its places as like as magic is used. Because of the strong energy of the place many people go to Beglik Tash to meditate, to seek healing or to pray for something important. They say that their wishes are often heard.

It is worth to visit Beglik Tash to see the marriage bed of the Mother Goddess and the Sun God. Or to measure time by the sun clock from arranged boulders , that was counting the moments in the antiquity. You can try to make your way through the narrow gap between two rocks, which indicate whether you are ready to move to the next, better life and get off the Lower world. Or to try to unravel the stone labyrinth through which the Thracians experienced the young people. The stones in Beglik Tash has carved grooves and sacrificial pits, steps and solar symbols. If you climb some of the rocks you can even enjoy the sunset over the Black Sea. Take your time in Beglik Tash and visit is long time before it becomes dark to explore the sight. Keep in mind that the place is so captivate that you won’t understand how the time flows.

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