Belintash – The Thracian sanctuary keeps millennial star map

The Thracian sanctuary Belintash has a special energy. That would say almost everyone that have passed 50 km from Plovdiv to the rock formation. The legends about the place are many, but until now it is not yet proven how occurred Belintash and what purposes it served.

Because of the found near by silver plate that is part of a ritual dedicated to the Thracian god Sabazius it is believed that Belintash was sacred to the Thracian tribe Besi. Ritual niches and grooves seem to prove this theory. According to others, however, the place is a really stellar card as round carved niches accurately reflect the stellar constellations Orion, Little Bear, Ursa Major and Leo. During the equinoxes the sun lights in a specific way the grooves in the rock and the neighboring Karadjov peak, which is actually the crater of an extinct volcano.

The hypotheses of the place go beyond as number of people believe that Belintash is actually an ancient spaceport where landed star civilizations. There is a legend saying that exactly here when the flood began to withdraw was anchored the ark of Noah .

Another legend states that the leader Alexander the Great buried near the rock his golden treasure. A treasure hunter was looking for the gold and went to ask help from the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga. She told him that indeed there is a cemetery at the foot of Belintash where are buried 800 kg of gold, but before they are found the place will take eight human sacrifices. At the place really died a few people from lightning and falling from the rocks.

Belintash actually a funnel-shaped rock structure whose narrow end is at the bottom and above there is a 300-meter plateau. To the plateau lead stone stairs. Its height is about 35 meters. The place is dated 5th century BC, but according to some scientists is much more ancient.

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