The biggest horo will go round the Rila Lakes

On the 11th of August, you can join the biggest mountain dance of horo near the Seven Rila Lakes. If you want to become part of the magic of the Seven Ensemble Festival on the Seven Rila Lakes, you should be near the Lake Bubreka (Kidney) from the morning. If the weather allows, you will have the chance to see the magical place from above as balloon flights are also planned. First on the balloons will have the chance to enter disadvantaged people

Rila lakes

During the festival, an attempt for a new Guinness record will be made for slag line – walking on a rope tied between two flying balloons. As the enthusiast who will try to conquer the sky above Rila is Pablo Signoret. The event will also include 7 folklore ensembles from 7 ethnographic regions in Bulgaria. The start of the big horo is scheduled for 12 o’clock.

Rila lakes

At 4 pm, the largest living sign “Bulgaria” will be made at 2200 meters above sea level. An attempt will be made for a Guinness record for the largest live inscription made from people dressed in traditional folk costumes. The event will be turned into a promotional clip for Bulgaria by the successful US operator Jacob Schwarz.

Rila lakes
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