In Blagoevgrad the honey is lit on the day of St. Haralampy

Hundreds of jars of honey will be lit on February 10 in Blagoevgrad. Then celebrates the day of Saint Haralampy, who is the protector of beekeeping. People from across the city bring to the temple “Presentation of the Virgin” jars of honey. Then they bite each morning with a spoon of blessed honey for health and prosperity.

honey blagoevgrad

Honey jars in the church are in the form of a huge cross. Each of them is decorated with lit candles in order to pray good harvest and prosperity for Blagoevgrad and its inhabitants.

honey blagoevgrad

The healing properties of honey have been known since ancient times, but according to the Orthodox tradition, it is believed that they were discovered precisely by St. Haralampy. Bee-keeping product is rich in vitamins, enzymes and chemical elements useful for the body. It has antibacterial action, used to treat wounds, soothe the stomach and improve the general condition of the body.

honey blagoevgrad
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