Blueberry Festival begins

If you want to have fun, to enjoy nature and to learn dozens of new things, then you should visit the third edition of the Festival of blueberries . The experience begins on 29th of July and continues to 31st of July. The festival is held in and around Ambaritsa hut in the National Park “Central Balkan” in the heart of Stara Planina.

blueberry festival begins

You can reach Ambaritsa after 4 -hours of walk or to get close with a jeep . On Friday, there will be a welcome party. On Saturday, the pleasure continues with the acoustic performance of clarinet, viola and cello with “Silhouettes ” . To feel the magic of the mountains will help you the virtuoso performances on pipe of  Theodosii Spasov. In the musical inspiration will take part also Ivan Shopov and Dimitar Bodurov .

blueberry festival begins

During the weekend both children and adults will have a lot of fun. You will be able to participate in different games involving blueberries, to search and find treasures in the woods near the cabin and to have first lessons in yoga or to become more skillful in acro yoga. Furthermore, on Saturday you can learn to dance Bulgarian folk dances, to make raw vegan sweets and even to paint with blueberries. There is also a workshop for making typical cakes and then to eat them topped with blueberry jam .


blueberry festival begins

And don’t think that that’s all. On Saturday you will find what kind of herbs grow near the lodge and how to prepare a delicious tea from them in the mountains. The ladies you will learn also the secrets of making jewelry from recycled materials.

On Sunday, participants in the festival will take part in different competitions and challenges. And of course will learn new things again. Such as how to prepare natural cosmetics or to paint on stones and woven bags.

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