Borovets – National Paragliding Championship

Borovets – National Paragliding Championship

From July 3 to July 8, 2014 in Borovets resort will be held the National Paragliding Championship, which is a Pre World Cup event.

In the air battle, in the discipline Cross Country, will take part 60 of the best paragliders from Bulgaria, Japan, China, India, USA, South Africa, Malta, Italy, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Greece, France and Turkey. The limited number of 60 participants has been reached only few weeks after the announcement of the championship.

Depending on the direction of the wind (participants always take off against the wind), the flying kings will start from Yastrebetz – at an altitude of 2150 m, Markudjik – 2450 meters above sea level, or from some of the designated alternate starting points in the area.

Based on the meteorological conditions, on each day of the race will be determined the GPS coordinates of the start and the route of the daily task, which will be about 40 to 100 kilometers long.

In the race will take part Nicole Fedele – pilot from the World Cup who was sent by FAI (the International Air Sports Federation). The delegate will fly alongside the participants and will give his assessment to FAI regarding the organization of the competition, as well as the terrain itself – a necessary step towards the holding of the Paragliding World Cup in Bulgaria.

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