Bulgaria Air launches cheap tickets to Rome and Milan

You can buy cheap air tickets to Rome and Milan in Italy run by the national air carrier Bulgaria Air. In the spring promotional campaign, the national company will be able to benefit 35,000 lucky people. Until April 5, the company’s journeys will be able to buy airline tickets to all low-priced destinations of the airline and use them for travel until June 30, 2018.

Bulgaria Air

Within the spring promotion, one-way flights from and to Milan are priced at 45 euros, and those from Rome to 55 euros. Flight tickets in one direction for destinations like Berlin, Larnaca, and Barcelona are reduced to 59 euros. One-way flights to Madrid (66 euros), Tel Aviv (77 euros), Zurich (79 euros), Amsterdam (89 euros), Paris (99 euros), and Moscow (127 euros) are also available at promotional prices.

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The airline has also revealed more seats than its lowest fare and has also prepared special offers for round trips to Brussels (159 euros), giving passengers a greater opportunity to take advantage of the spring prices.

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