Reveal the secrets of the Bulgarian crafts in Varna

If you want to reveal  the secrets of traditional Bulgarian crafts, visit the 20th edition of the International Fair of Arts and Crafts in Varna. In Seaside Park until August 21 you can enjoy an amazing pictures, to learn how to weave rugs or to buy a traditional souvenir. Among the participants this year are skilled craftsmen of woodcarving, working with glass, metal and fabric, authors of jewelry.


You can not only enjoy the work of the artisans but also can visit different events during the Fair.  There will be held an International workshop of Fine Arts, a round table on ” Theological and iconographic dialogue for preservation and development of ecclesiastical art “, different competitions during the exhibition for choosing the best souvenir and unique piece of art, International art academy, exhibitions, concerts and many performances.


Every afternoon at 06:00 p.m. or 07:00 p.m. on “Rakovina” /Shell/ Stage will be held different concerts, performances and recitals. The entrance to all of them is free of charge. On August 21st, the Fair will be closed for the public with a gala concert from 08:00 p.m., also on Rakovina stage. It will also be enjoyed for free. The Closing Ceremony, in which will be given the prizes to the winners in the competitions and will be held a culinary exhibition is also from 08:00 p.m. on 21st of August . It will be held in English garden of the Archaeological Museum. For this event the entrance is with an invitation or paid tickets .

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