Bulgarian mountaineers will set a new route to a peak in Pakistan

A four-member Bulgarian expedition will try to make prime climbs in the Charakusa Valley, located in Karakorum Mountain, Pakistan. The main goal of the Bulgarian climbers is the exceptionally beautiful peak Nayser Brakk. It has the shape of a four-sided pyramid with almost vertical, all-rocky walls, making it extremely technically sophisticated to climb. Thus, its “modest” 5200 meters at first sight is becoming a serious test for mountaineers.

Until now, only 10 people in the world have climbed to the top, among them there were no Bulgarian climbers. The ambitious task of Nikolay Petkov and Ruslan Vakrilov from AC “Planinets”, Doychin Boyanov – SC “Vertical World” and Ventsislav Kostov from AC “Young Dachatel” is to make a whole new route to the summit, different from the 3 climbing routes known so far.

“We will climb a whole rocky terrain, in a plumb line. Our idea is to run a new route on Nayser Brakk or any of the nearby unnamed peaks on a full rock wall. The technical complexity of this type of climbing is much higher. Special technical skills are required to climb on such terrain, “says Ruslan Vakrilov.

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