A Bulgarian supercar raises 300 kilometers per hour

If you see the Sin R1 550 car on the street, it is unlikely to think that the luxurious car is made in Bulgaria. But it’s home is Rousse. According to the chosen version, its power is from 450 to 650 horsepower. You can safely pick it up at 300 km / h if the track and your driving skills allow it. According to the chosen model, it accelerates from 3 to 3.9 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour.

Bulgarian super car

The price of the vehicle depends on the selected engine power. The Sin R1 550 with a 450 horsepower is with a 6.2-liter atmospheric V8 engine. The price of the car inspired by the sports tracks is 179 000 euros excluding VAT. If you choose the 550-horsepower and 7-liter V8 engine, the sum increases to 199,000 euros. The most expensive of course is the most powerful 650 horsepower and a 6.2-liter supercharged v8 engine. The price for this car is 218,000 euros.

Bulgarian super car

The delivery time for the unique car is 6 months after signing the purchase agreement. And if the customer wishes he can order extras like a lifts system, racing tires and wheels, OHLINS shock absorbers and RECARDO seats. Naturally, the color of the car also depends on the taste of the customer.


Bulgarian super car

The world premiere of the car was at the world’s largest auto show in Geneva. The car was also presented to the Principality of Monaco on the prestigious Top Marques Monaco 2017 stage at the personal invitation of prince Albert II. The Bulgarian pride was presented also in the Sozopolis complex of the businessman Stefan Sharlopov.

Bulgarian super car
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