In Burgas during the communist regime – when the hotels were private rooms

At the time of communist regime in Bulgaria nearly everyone could go on a sea, mountain or spa holiday. The hotels, however, were reserved for foreigners, the ruling elite and sometimes wise guys who can push bribe to the staff. The other Bulgarians could go for a vacation if they stay in special holiday homes owned by the different enterprises and private rooms that did not exist according to the law. Or to stay at friends’ homes.

Burgas communist regime

Recreation center, however, had any enterprise. The restaurants were replaced by plates in the rooms where everyone prepared their dinner and by queues in the dinning room where were served dishes – first, second, third and dessert. The only choice you had was to take or not to take whatever the chefs have prepared for the day. Signs as “Today’s baklava with walnuts is today with peanuts” were also not uncommon.

Burgas communist regime

Tipping according to the communists was abusive and was prohibited. “Tipping is equally dangerous for the one who gives it and the one who receives it” was one of the slogans that hung on signboards in the restaurants and even in the barbers’ shops. The hotels do necessarily wanted marriage certificate to be sure they won’t pervert the population. In hotels could be seen following inscriptions – “Rooms until 10 p.m. are given to women. The same after 10 p.m. are attributed to men”.

Burgas communist regime
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