The business is protesting against new tax regulation

A protest in front of the parliament in Sofia on January 29 is organized by representatives of Bulgarian restaurants and hotels. The reason for the business dissatisfaction is the forthcoming entry into force on January 31 of the H-18 tax regulation, which will tie the cash registers through special NRA-approved software with the tax in real time. According to the business, however, the investment and the terms of the ordinance are not possible to execute in the short terms provided by the legislator.

The representatives of the Bulgarian Bar Association, the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association and other representatives of small and medium-sized businesses are adamant that the ordinance should not enter into force until all problems for its implementation have been cleared.

The business also insists on the repeal of the texts in the NRA Ordinance concerning the sealing of commercial premises without explicitly proven fault on the part of the trader managing the site. The restaurateurs also insist on setting up a working group to discuss the possibilities of introducing a differentiated VAT rate for the food and catering and entertainment sectors, categorized under the Tourism Act, at 5%, as is the practice in EU Member States.

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