Buy handmade ​​jewelry and souvenirs from Sofia Breathes festival

Every Sunday in August you will have a chance to buy handmade jewelry , souvenirs, bags and various works of art. To do so, join the festival Sofia Breathes. On the fest you can enjoy different performances, eat something tasty or just drink glass of beer.  This year the location of the streets that you can walk around without getting in your way cars is changed.  


On 7th of August, the festival will occupy the street Ivan Denkoglu in Sofia. If you miss the event, do not worry. You can enjoy the work of the same artists also on 14th of August at Moskovska street, on 21st of August at Knyaz Alexander I and on 28th of August at Alexander Stamboliyski boulevard.



During the festival you will be able also to take part in different events. For example, a musical installation by beer bottles will wait candidates for musical glory to demonstrate their talent. For the best there will be surprises. There will be also a sports area and children’s entertainment zone. An artist will paint the visitors trying to catch their mood on paper. A chalange for the visitors will be the photographic corner where they can try to shoot the most artistic picture. DJ will try to make everyone dance. 

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