The castle in Ravadinovo with new prestigious international recognition

The “In love in the wind” castle near Ravadinovo received a new international recognition from the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTR). The attraction, which is visited every year by thousands of tourists, is one of the few Bulgarian tourist sites and organizations that meet the criteria of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners. Among the Bulgarian representatives of the industry, only the Ministry of Tourism and the Castle meet the criteria of the international tourism organization.

ravadinovo castle

ICTP is an international coalition of global destinations and tourism and travel stakeholders who are committed to quality services and green growth. It engages communities and their stakeholders to share quality and environmental opportunities, including tools and resources, access to finance, education and marketing support. The organization advocates sustainable aviation growth, simplified travel formalities and fairly harmonized taxation. ICTP supports the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, the UN Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and a number of programs that support them.


The attraction has earned its membership in the international organization with national, international and world awards won over the years, but also with the quality of its services. The creation and construction of the Castle by its owner Georgi Tumpalov fully meets the goals, criteria and vision of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners for green growth.


The castle is probably the largest building in the world in the form of a stone cross with dimensions from 75 to 32 meters and a height of 29 meters. The roof is covered with copper metal with a total weight of 53 tons. The artificial lake is 5 meters deep. More than 3000 different flowers and trees grow in the park.


Замъкът най-вероятно е най-голямата сграда в света с форма на каменен кръст с размери от 75 до 32 метра и височина 29 метра. Покривът е покрит с меден метал с общо тегло 53 тона. Изкуственото езеро е дълбоко 5 метра. Повече от 3000 различни цветя и дървета растат в парка.

castle Ravadinovo
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