A cat exhibition starts in Sofia

Once again, the Earth and Man Museum in Sofia will host lovers of cats who can look at different pet breeds and even get a new friend to take home. The 53rd and 54th International Exhibitions will be held on May 12th and 13th respectively. The interest in the previous editions of the event is always great and there are long queues in front of the entrance of the museum, which fortunately passes quickly and should not scare you.

cat exhibition Sofia

In a special raffle, 10 visitors will earn 1-month feed for their cats. If you take a photo of yourself on the specially built wall of the company – sponsor, you can join the “Photo with cause” initiative. For every photograph of a visitor on that wall, the pet food company is committed to providing 2-day feed for stray dogs and cats. Free pictures of the cats are also allowed.

cat exhibition Sofia

The exhibition can be visited from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the two weekend days. Contests for “The Most Beautiful Cat” will also be held, with pets being separated by breeds and ager. The doyen among the cattery will be decorated with the title “Veteran”. And international judges will take care of assessing cats. The entrance fee in the museum is 4 leva /2 Euro/, while students and retirees come in for 2 leva /1 Euro/. The price of the family ticket – escorts with children is 6 leva /3 Euro/.

cat exhibition Sofia
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