Cheaper umbrellas on the beaches in Bulgaria this summer

Umbrellas and sunbeds by the Black sea coast in Bulgaria will be cheaper this summer than usual. Legislative changes are currently being prepared so as to reduce the fees required by the state by concessionaires and tenants of the strips against their obligation to provide beach facilities with reduced prices. This became clear during a meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Mariyana Nikolova and representatives of the concessionaires.

Mariyana Nikolova

An option is also being discussed for the strip owners to determine the percentage by which they will reduce prices according to demand, but they will have to notify the Ministry of Tourism of the new prices by June 1 or within 10 days of signing the contract, in case it is signed this year. In order to guarantee the social distance of the beachgoers, the commercial area will probably be increased by an additional 4 percent of the respective area of ​​the beaches.

The possibility of concessionaires and tenants to pay the state on new deadlines is also being considered. Withdrawal of the due date at the end of the summer season is justified in view of generating income from visitors to the beaches during the summer season, which will help concessionaires and tenants to meet their financial obligations, explained Minister Nikolova.

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