Free ski equipment give in Chepelare for the beginning of the season

One of the lucky ones who will participate in the raffle organized by Chepelare municipality in connection with the opening of the new winter ski season will go home with free ski equipment. Besides, the participants in the celebrations will have the chance to leave also with a weekend for two as a gift, cash prizes and other surprises. All of them will be able to take advantage of the free lift on December 22, when is the official opening of the Mechi Chal ski area.


From 4 pm at Olympia Square, you can also have a glass of red wine. For the good mood of the public will take care of the favourite Bulgarian singer of several generations Rositsa Kirilova. For the third consecutive year, ski lovers will be able to drive along the ski slopes around Chepelare and Pamporovo with a common ski pass. If you decide to buy a pass for both zones at the same time, you can travel between them with a scheduled bus between the 5 lower stations in Pamporovo and the one in Mechi Chal every 15-20 minutes.

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