Take part in the Cherry festival of Kyustendil

Kyustendil is most famous for its healing mineral water. But during the beginning of the summer the town becomes the cherry capital of Bulgaria. If you want to understand why you just have to visit Kyustendil during the Cherry festival. This year it would be held from 24th of June to 26th of June. Celebrating the fruit orchards there started in 1896 when the first national fruit growing exhibition was founded.   cherry festival kyustendil   The celebration includes exhibitions of various sorts of cherries so you can try different tastes. The focus of the festival is a competitive exhibition, which involves community centers, NGOs, associations, schools and kindergartens from Kyustendil region. Display tables are arranged and covered with this bright and tasty fruit – arranged and skillfully knitted “veshala”. “Veshela” are made from weaving cherries and their stems around thin tree branches to form a thick display in the shape of a hook.   cherry festival kyustendil   The first stage goes by the title – “The Cherry Crafts”. Its starts on Friday. Dozens of tradesmen from the whole country arrange their products in the City Garden. They exhibit their products as art, devoted to the cherry: dolls, jewelry, sculptures, icons and various authentic products are expertly produced from skilled hands of artists and tradesmen.   cherry festival kyustendil   Parallel to this is the folklore holiday with a rich artistic program made up of groups, dance ensembles and individual singers presents the magic of the cherry and its influence on Bulgarian folklore. On Saturday is the real competition. And at the afternoon there are prizes for the biggest cherry, the most attractive “veshalo” and the best arranged display table with cherries.   cherry festival kyustendil   On Sunday the celebrations continues with folklore program. If you get to Kyustendil don’t forget to take advantage of the healing powers of the mineral water in the town. It is very good for treatment of respiratory diseases, degenerative joint diseases, periphery nervous system diseases and gynecological diseases. Booking hotels in Kyustendil  

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