Children make Revival houses in Panagyurishte

The children and young people from Panagyurishte, as well as the small guests of the town, can participate in the initiative of the Historical Museum on July 3 and 4. Then they can acquire new skills and play together. On July 3rd, from 10 am to 1 pm in the yard of the Natural History Museum, the young people will be able to make their first Revival houses with the decoupage technique or to make clay figures.

The entertainment program also includes the production of animals from natural materials and plasticine, puzzling, painting on asphalt and making wooden trails. With all these skills you can also get on July 4 between 10 am and 1 pm but in the yard of the Historical Museum in Panagurishte. And while youngsters have fun, their attendants can look at the rich expansiveness of a museum whose most valuable exhibit is the exact copy of the Panagyurishte gold treasure.

The entrance for the whole museum ensemble in the city costs 7 leva per adult (approximately 3,5 Euro) and 4 leva for students (approximately 2 Euro), and you can see his treasures free of charge every last Monday of the month. Against the combined ticket you can explore the vaulted hall, which displays the exact copy of the gold treasure, the showcases with archaeology, the Dudekov’s house, the model of a Revival street of Panagyurishte, the Tutev’s house, the Rayna Knyaginya house-museum and the Natural History Museum in the town. The individual tickets for the different sites go between 2 (approximately 1 Euro) and 6 leva (approximately 3 Euro), so the combined one is the most profitable.

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I love history, to walk through old cobblestone streets, to smell the air of the past times and to feel the legends in the air. And I'm lucky to have been born in a country with a glorious past and a lot of stories to tell. Bulgaria was founded more than 1,300 years ago and has never changed its name. But the life of people, their everyday habits, their traditions, their music and their art have changed over the centuries. I invite you to take a walk through the different ages of Bulgaria and to get to know it better.