Chinese media pointed out the top sights in Europe, among them is a Bulgarian attraction

One of the leading media in China pointed out the most attractive sights in Europe, which must be visited by the citizens of the country. Among the landmarks of the Old Continent is one of the most popular and visited attractions by the sea in Bulgaria – the Castle “In Love with the Wind” near the village of Ravadinovo in Sozopol. Other well-known sites recommended by the media www.ccnnetwork.cn, which is the main platform for relations between Europe and China, include the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, the Eiffel Tower in the French capital Paris, the Berlin Wall, the bridges of Prague, the parliament building in Hungary and others.

The choice of the Bulgarian attraction is not accidental, as the castle made a strong impression on the Asian market in 2017 by winning the ITB Shanghai Gold Prize and immediately afterwards supported the initiative of the EU and the Government of China for integration in the field of tourism. The castle has also been accepted as an official member of the World Tourism Alliance, based in Beijing and hosting authoritative forums of the Alliance and the World Bank. The castle also donated the only Bulgarian exhibit in the World Museum of Tourism in Beijing, a unique titanium device that combines the ancient Bulgarian and Chinese calendars.

“The fact that Bulgaria is represented through the Castle in such a medium related to European destinations I hope is not a surprise to anyone, because for several years we have consistently been present in all rankings of leading world and European attractions and destinations,” said the owner and builder of the Castle – Georgi Tumpalov. “It’s just that our efforts are paying off. There is hardly another European tourist site that has so many developed advertising materials (both printed and electronic) in Chinese. The fame of the Castle is also a great advantage for Bulgaria as a tourist destination, as it is a good basis for the preparation of tourist packages and even for subsequent investor interest, “explained Tumpalov.

If we want to attract even more guests from China, it is mandatory to work to integrate the banking system to the widely used communication and payment application WeChat, as well as the introduction of additional services for mobile operators, said Tumpalov. These issues have been resolved, for example, in Macedonia, Serbia and Romania, said the owner of the Castle “In Love with the Wind”. He was adamant that efforts by the state are needed to establish Bulgaria as a preferred destination on the tourist market in China. “We have the experience, we have the support of strong international tourism organizations, we can and are ready to help everyone who wants to move forward. We are now concentrating on the upcoming tourist season and I wish all colleagues in the industry a successful business.

The description of the location of the Castle in the Chinese tourist guides is also interesting. The village of Ravadinovo in Sozopol appears in the tourist guides in the Far East, renamed Lavadinovo, and next to the much more sophisticated name Lava di Novo.

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