In Chirpan remember the poet Peyo Yavorov

For the 51st consecutive year in Chirpan will remember the memory of one of the biggest and lyrical Bulgarian poets Peyo Yavorov. On 13 January, a fire of Yavor’s poetry will be lit at 5 pm in the house-museum of the poet. Then, in Yavorov Park, the Yavorov’s January days will be officially opened. From 6 pm n the hall of the municipality a speech for the poet will be pronounced by Professor Tsvetan Rakovski. In the course of reading poetry, will participate Margarita Petkova, Kamelia Kondova and Atanas Kapralov. At the end of the evening, the guests can enjoy the concert of the vocal quartet “Svetloglas”.


On February 14, at 5 pm at the Georgi Danchov-Zografna Exhibition Hall, you will be able to enjoy an art exhibition by Armenian artists. The guests will see the sculptures of Arshak Jijian, the graphics of Prof. Magardic Kasapian and Krikor Kasapian. During the event, you can listen to vocal formation “Sirun”. From 6 pm in the house of the poet, you can watch the premiere of the movie “Grubbing up” with director Kostadin Bonev.


On 15 January at 2 pm, will be announced the winners in the National Drawing Competition “Undrawed World”. An hour later, again in Peyo Yavorov’s house museum, will become clear the winners in the national literary contest “And you are in me, my homeland, mine.” At 04.30 pm will be held the premiered of the book “The Worlds of Yavorov” by Katia Zografova, of the collection “Yavorov. 140 years since the birth of the poet. New Research “and “Anthology Europe”. At 6 pm you can see the premiere of Georgi Karaslavov’s “Daughter in law” performed form the actors of Drama Theater “Geo Milev” in Stara Zagora.

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