See coins and vessels found during the construction of the Struma highway

Until April 14 at the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia, you can see an exhibition of archaeological objects found during the construction of the Struma highway. In the temporary exhibition, which shows the most impressive discoveries from the experts’ surveys in the past year, you will be able to see some of the 2700 values found near the settlement from the Roman and late antique era near Pokrovnik.

Among the values ​​are over 1400 coins, ceramic vessels and metal objects. Some of them will be presented at the exhibition. Co-organizers of the exhibition are 19 historical and archaeological museums in the country, which participate with finds from their funds. The exhibition in Sofia will present 250 exhibits of 23 objects, different in appearance and chronology, from early prehistory to the Middle Ages.

Some of the most impressive finds are blooming embroidery with cut-out decorations from the late Paleolithic of Redakka cave, a bone tattooing needle from the Durankulak settlement mound, ornately decorated urinal vessels from the Balley necropolis, a well preserved glass amphora from Pokrovnik, the head of a marble statue from Heracleia Sintica and the head of a statue of Emperor Aurelian by Ulpia Eskus, a bronze statuette of Venus with a golden rust from the ancient Philippopolis, glass vessels and ornaments from the necropolis of Augusta Trayana, Stara Zagora, a golden relic cross of Trapezi Veliko Tarnovo.

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