Competition for the development of computer games in Gabrovo

Between January 25th and January 27th, all who dream of making a breakthrough in computer games development can try their skills at the Gabrovo Game Jam technology competition. As the name of the competition suggests, it will be held in Gabrovo and the host is the Museum of Humor and Satire. The competition is part of the global software development event in which last year took part 803 locations in 108 countries worldwide.

Gabrovo Game Jam

The participants in the event will meet at 3 pm on January 25 in the Museum of Humor and Satire to hear the instructions from veterans and winners of previous editions of the competition. At 5 pm will be revealed the subject to which the plot of the games should be subordinated. Competitors will then be able to exchange ideas and form teams. The themes are the same for the participants throughout the world, and in the past years the participants had to work over such as Rituals, Waves, What do we do now? And “As long as we have one another, our problems will never end”.

Gabrovo Game Jam

The demo versions of the games will have to be ready in 48 hours and the winning team will be announced on January 27 at 7 pm. Today, January 20, is the last day that participants can register for the race. When evaluating the games, the jury will provide bonuses for the use of characters or locations from Gabrovo in the game development and humorous experience they are known in the region. Naturally, awards are also provided for the winners.

Gabrovo Game Jam
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