A competition for traditional Christmas groups starts in Telish

On the 1st of December in Pleven village of Telish will be held the folklore festival “Let’s save the Christmas” for another year. The event has already claimed more than 250 people, organized in children’s and men’s clubs. Participation in the festival is also performed by foreign artists, so far there have been groups from Romania and Macedonia.

This is the biggest event for authentic folk songs and clothing in Northern Bulgaria. It is organized by the Community centre “Razvitie – 1897”. Christmas is one of the most famous traditional Bulgarian customs. Men’s groups tour the villages by performing songs and dances from midnight to the sunshine on Christmas Eve.

The purpose of the tradition is to chase away the evil forces and bring fertility to the next year. The groups are dressed in traditional clothing bands, and the company is led by the so-called staninik. In return for their performances, the hosts donate them with bread, money, meat, lard, beans, wine.

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