Free concerts for the feast of Varshets and mineral water

By mid August Varshets will celebrate the feast of the city and the mineral water with a rich series of events. The Eco rally will take place on July 28th between 12:00 and 7 pm and at 9 pm in the summer cinema you can watch the free screening of the Bulgarian movie “12A”. On July 29, you can again watch the race in the Eco-rally and from 11 am begin the horse racing competitions for the Varshets Cup.

A football tournament is scheduled to take place on July 30th. From 08.30 pm, the lovers of classical music can again enjoy the concert “Journey through the Mediterranean” of Symphonie – Vratsa. On the last day of July begins a painting camp. Sports fans can watch matches from the volleyball and the football tournaments, and at 08.30 pm is the start of the concert of singer Simona Zagorova.

On the first day of August, the municipality organizes a children’s sporting holiday, and professionals will continue to play in volleyball and soccer tournaments. In the evening the residents and the guests of the spa resort will watch free Horizons group and friends. On August 2nd at 5 pm is the final of the volleyball tournament and  at 6 pm  is the start of the semi-final of the football championship. The evening will end with awarding the prizes in the poetic competition and Greek music with performer Diogenias.

On August 3rd, a festive evening is scheduled to end with a Diana Express concert and an impressive fireworks. On August 4, in the Ivanchova Polyana area you can see typical Bulgarian breeds of animals, enjoy beautiful dogs and buy products from traditional Bulgarian producers. At 10 am the singing competition  between different folk groups “The Balkan Singes” begins and at 11 am opens the “Craft Alley” with traditional goods. At 6 pm is the final of the football tournament, and from 8:30 pm you can hear the performance of the Serbian singer Jovana Tipsin.

On August 5th, you can see again the exhibition of animals and listen to the second part of “The Balkan sings”. The festival of Varshets will end with several free screenings in the city’s summer cinema. All of them start at  9 pm. On the 10th you can see the German animation “The Little Vampire” and on the 11th of August the French comedy “Taxi 5”. At 17th of August  you can see the American-Chinese animation “The Kingdom of the Frog”, and the 18 th Action – The Thieves’ Brigade.

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